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Tuning Three options to choose from.

Dreamscience have developed a tuning product to suit every customers demands and budget, from a single shot tune only file, to the new and exclusive Stratagem Ultra, colour touchscreen handset. We even have a new pc interface for those who wish to use their existing or new lap-top pc to tune their car. All three tuning methods produce the same end result, a car with much greater performance and efficiency, the three tuning options are highlighted below.

(1) dsci Tuning Platform.
DSCI = Dream Science Computer Interface. This revolutionary and easy to use tuning package gives our customers the ability to program their car in minutes with any of our legendary STRATAGEM tune files. Additionally individual tune files, data logging software, vehicle options (Auto door locking) and multi car tuning packages can be downloaded direct from,our store. DSCI customers will therefore have access to new tune files when they are released by us and participating dealers.

(2) Stratagem Tuning.
Stratagem = Dreamscience pre-programmed handset, simple plug and play with state of the art options including colour screen, touch screen, on device data logging and more. The Stratagem handset is world famous and has won numerous magazine tests from functionality to out right performance gains, clearly a customer favorite. This category also has numerous upgrade options and resets for existing customers.

(3) One Shot Tuning.
Dreamscience have recently lauched the "One shot tuning" option where our customers visit us or select dealers and have a generic tune file of their choice loaded directly on to their car. Every customer who has a Dreamscience tune loaded will be given a hologram to illustrate authenticity. We have well tried and tested tune files for standard, partially and heavily modified cars available.

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