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The benchmark: The C21 stig's Orange monster

This is probably one of the fastest ST's in the world when considering the amount of modifications to this car. This is yet another development car (at altitude) from the C21 stable. Believe it or not, this car have never been dyno tuned (just like many other C21 customer cars) but the performance is staggering. All performance figures and results were achieved via "on track" tunning, data logs and more importantly, driver feedback

Current mods:

C21 custom tune



Current performance stats:

Quarter mile - 13.8 sec (C21 custom tune and hollowed cat only)

Power - 171 wkw and 436 NM (C21 custom tune only, no hardware mods)

This car has consistently outperformed its rivals, irrespective of track conditions, hence the label "C21 stig"

The difference between stock software vs C21 custom map

No Hardware mods

Prowling at night...

The End...



New Artical...

Frecky_D's Monster in the making:

2008 Silver Facelift ST

C21 Dreamscience Software
DSCI Inter cooler
Milltek 76mm downpipe
Milltek 70mm decat
Full Cold air induction
NGK Iridium spark plugs
H&R springs


Power figures:

283.5 HP and 513 NM on the wheels - ModX map

275 HP and 483 NM on the wheels - C21 Track Racer (High altitude) map


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